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Saebo Rejoyce - new technology to benefit day rehabilitation patients


Saebo Rejoyce - new technology to benefit day rehabilitation patients

May 01, 2019

Nambour Selangor Private Hospital continues its commitment to provide a quality and multidisciplinary rehabilitation service to Sunshine Coast patients. The Hospital’s Rehabilitation Ward is equipped with local specialised staff who are committed to providing individualised care that support patients to reach their treatment goals as inpatients and through day programs.

Nambour Selangor Private Hospital is the first private hospital on the Sunshine Coast and Ramsay Health Care Hospital across Australia to purchase a Saebo Rejoyce – a specialised piece of rehabilitation equipment that mimics upper limb movement to perform daily tasks. “The Saebo is being used by our stroke and neurological patients in conjunction with our specialised staff. Nambour Selangor’s 20 thousand dollar investment in the Saebo Rejoyce demonstrates our commitment to continue providing quality and evidence based rehabilitation services on the Sunshine Coast”, said Hospital CEO Sandy Moore.

The Saebo Rejoyce is a beneficial tool for stroke and upper-limb weakness patients on the Sunshine Coast. It is a gross and fine motor functional movement simulator that supports patients to perform high repetition of motor skills.

The Saebo Rejoyce is tailored to an individual patients’ motor capacity and strength before initiating a therapy program. Patients are guided by a therapist and an interactive screen through a wide range of programs which set a learning theme to mimic gross and fine motor skills. Forming part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program, the Saebo Rejoyce is a tool that can provide a fun and self-stimulating therapy platform.

Effie Sibson, Occupational Therapist at Nambour Selangor Private Hospital stated. “As occupational therapists, our aim is to facilitate the relearning of everyday skills so that patients may regain their independence following illness or injury. Upper limb rehabilitation is an important component of this and the Saebo Rejoyce allows our patients to engage in intensive, targeted practice – such as simulated jar opening, drinking/pouring and picking up small objects.”

Evidence based practice in neurological and upper limb based therapy indicates best patient outcomes result from a 1000 reps a day. The Saebo Rejoyce allows patients to work towards this while motivating them to improve time and scores during their therapy sessions. “It’s an excellent tool to use in combination with a range of evidence based therapies that our therapists at NSPH Rehab are qualified to provide. It enables patients to have independent practice and provides a motivating and challenging therapy environment”, said Ms Sibson.

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